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[First of all, am glad to announce to you that the blog views have surpassed that of last month’s and boy am i excited?! Thank you for your time this month.Am absolutely grateful. I’ll share more of the details with you this Friday as the new month loads..] Continue reading


Hey! Happy New Week.

 [How was your Father’s day? Mine was super amazing. It reminded me of celebrating people while they are still alive. Wow! it was great celebrating my daddies, both Spiritual and Biological.You can let me know how yours was in the comments section below.Thanks in advance.]

Well, Today on‘s MCM is Mr. Bruce Bravo. Fashion Stylist and Entrepreneur. On this particular day, the weather was chilly but nonetheless his smart casual look was warm,elegant and unique. Boy! He pulled it out really well. From the crown of his head to the sole of his feet, it was all well done and of course, I couldn’t but feature him on MCM. I mean, why not? Continue reading





Good Evening, How was your day? My day was absolutely amazing.I don’t know about you though, mind sharing? I’d be glad to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

Well, today on the Edutainment Segment is something that perhaps only the ladies practice . At least a majority of them if not all (and may be a few gentlemen). I personally thought its one of those girly things every time I overheard it or saw it in one of the ladies’ fashion blogs not until I discovered that its indeed as inseparable as fuel for a car or food when you are hungry. Want to know what it is? Continue reading



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The Month of June started of with the sun in the sky and clouds in absence re; of course when the sun shows up their are many ways to switch to fashion that suits the weather right? Well, today on MCM is Mr.Santiego from Mexico who i thought nailed it considering the hot weather[i wasn’t in Mexico in the weekend though!]. This look at first glance just brought ideas to my mind and boy! in mind i was just clapping, admiring and thanking God for a perfect MCM feature(LOL!). (Kindly let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below. Thanks in Advance.) Continue reading


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How was your Month of May??(Am aware that this not the last day of May but just a day to go so it’s still a valid question). Hope its been super wonderful just as mine has been.

Well, First of all I hoped for an interview with this gentleman as I earlier had said on my Facebook page Suitup55, which was not possible for it to happen but hey! It’s still a viable option for the new month of June.So stay tuned. For now though, let me know in the comments section below what you would want me to ask him during the interview. Thanks In Advance. Continue reading

Global Suit Trends(The Linen Scarf)

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Firstly, pardon me for missing three of this week’s posts according as outlined by EXPECT THESE blog post. I have to admit that i am learning how to manage both the blog and my studies which i am absolutely enjoying. i mean, i love such challenges. They make me stretch myself. Anyway, today,  its  all about the trends in the world and like the blog post title states, what’s trending in men’s world of fashion is THE LINEN SCARF. Continue reading


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With the current weather in Nairobi and Kenya generally, it’s only fair that you and your bed become more intimate at least until the weather pattern becomes better right? Well, of course not(LOL!). It however goes without saying that warmth comes first before fashion in such a weather therefore KEEP WARM AND STAY FASHIONABLE. There are a number of ways to do this and today I’ll highlight some of them. (These are just some of them, therefore let me know of any i’ve left out or that you are doing to ensure your both warm and fashionable in the comments section below. Thanks in Advance.)
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Today on trends segment, its all about the Knitted neck-tie. Well, there are a number of neck-ties made with mostly polyester material. They are very common and  i bet you’ve met them in so many official wear stores in town and also seen them with most gentlemen. They are wonderful ties and are definitely great accessories anytime but Continue reading