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The Skin as science discovered is the largest organ of the body but until now very little attention is given to it especially on the gentlemen side. The attention am talking about is not the one that is commercialized for profits but the sincere ones which will greatly help your skin. Well, if you follow my blog you must know that I attended the Hair,Beauty and Personal Care Expo 2016 held at the Sarit Centre sometime in August. I also participated in marketing the expo under the hashtag #HairandBeautyExpoKE . They had amazing segments with panelists that were well vast of the topics discussed. Just so that I don’t leave you in the shadows on this, some of the topics included, Understanding Your Skin, All about Nails, Style with Natural Hair and some more.


Now someone might be wondering how this relates to Gentlemen but the truth is, it does relate to you as a gentleman. Of course, not all segments were for you but the few present such as Understanding your Skin were an absolute no miss for any gentleman.But any way, there’s another one happening next year from the 30th of August to the 2nd of July if you were occupied at the time you can brace yourself for this one. Well, after the very engaging segments with experts in the respective topics discussed, I passed by the exhibitions and out of the over 20+ occupied tents, one which dealt with skin products stood out for me. I therefore approached the tent to get to know what the soaps were all about.

The lady attending to me briefed me on all their soap products .She mentioned that they were all made of organic products. Not quite conversant with what she meant by ‘organic’ I asked her to break it down into simple terms. She explained that an organic soap is better than the one made of pure chemicals since the constituents used to make the organic soap are way better for the skin than those made of pure chemicals. she also told me the reason is that, the organic soaps moisturize the skin while the chemical soaps dry your skin. They soften the pores on your skin allowing the skin to naturally just release the skin oil. This in effect gives you soft skin. Of course not automatically but a daily use will but surely do it.DSC_6151

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After I learned this, I didn’t hesitate to get one of their soaps for a try and boy! it does work. I bought a hair soap from them and two months after, my hair is absolutely better right now, shiny as well. Their range of soap products are designed for your facial, body and hair skin. They also have a lip balm that is organically made. The price of one of their soap product may not be your usual cup of coffee but it definitely is a great investment that will give you value for your money. Well, what more can I say, grab yourself one of their soap products and help your skin out.

You can give Shea by Asal a Call +254722 218249 or Email them via info@asalinvestments.com .

You can also visit their website on http://www.asalinvestments.com.   Facebook :Shea by Asaloo

Now, Gentlemen,some more tips for a soft skin:

  1. Water : We are all aware of the principle of 8 glasses a day right? This is just one litre a day. Well, there are those that do more than this in a day but that should not in any way discourage you. The important thing is to start if you haven’t or continue if you stopped. This is a discipline and at times you may not feel like taking water but nonethelesss take it anyway. You can add some lemons into the water to help you get into the rhythm. Water helps in the normal functioning of your body. It helps keep the body hydrated and free from energy drain.
  2. Exercise: The easiest way to exercise is to have a routine and proper one for this matter. For this, employ the services of YouTube and get to learn some of these exercises. Now the kind of exercises for this are not the kind that you do to build muscles. No! Just simple exercises that help give your skin the ability to breathe. For more information kindly visit WebMD
  3. Vegetables and FruitsVitamin C is very important for your skin. It has potent antioxidant benefits that help to intercept problems before they can happen to your skin. No wonder your biology/science teacher in school kept on saying that it helps protect you from diseases.At least now you know how. More information on Vitamin C and Skin on Paula’s Choice Skin Care   [ABOUT PAULA :Paula Begoun is the best-selling author of 20 books on skin care and makeup. She is known worldwide as the Cosmetics Cop and creator of Paula’s Choice. Paula’s expertise has led to hundreds of appearances on national and international television including: abc, theView and Today].                                                    
  4. Skin Products: Another way to help ensure your skin is soft and remains that way is through skin care products. I’ve just shared one of them with you – organic soaps and oils – . Another one is sun screen. The sun screen helps protect you from the fierce heat of the sun especially between 10am and noon. You can visit the hair,beauty and Personal Care Expo Facebook Page here for more information.  shea-1

Any more that you do to help keep your skin healthy, flawless and vibrant? You can add them in the comments section below.

Hope this was so helpful.

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