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Today on Global Suit Trends: Find out this week’s trend feature. Also, the tips behind hitting it right.Plus, my quest to know your thoughts on whether it’s fit for the office or not.

The Ankle-Baring trend is easily associated with style both in the office and casual setting. Well, I just said that it’s fit for the office  right? But my heart is not in agreement unless convinced otherwise. Meanwhile, the trend is perhaps the easiest to pull off any time but your mother and those not keen on fashion might think otherwise. They might think something like, ‘Don’t you have enough socks for the week?’ but don’t mind them just be calm and composed. In my honest opinion, this style is too smart casual for the office in as much as style is important.But Just before I can allow you to have a look at the pictures, some few tips with this trend:

  1. Keep your feet dry – Keeping them dry ensures your feet don’t smell. To achieve this, 1Ensure you clean your feet and completely dry them before putting on the shoe.2 If on style repeat for some days, kindly wipe the inside part of the shoe with a damp cloth and allow it to dry for some minutes before putting on the shoe. 3 Apply oil on your top part of the feet only [to ensure your lower part is dry] all the way to a distance slightly about your ankle or the entire leg if possible. 4 Ensure your trouser is either cropped to ankle length or fold your khaki or denim trouser to ankle length.Also, if your trouser can turn up the seam at the foot of your trouser, then it’s also an option for you
  2. Note!1 It easily grabs attention [Therefore,don’t mind when people stare a lot without complementing! *LOL*] 2 Your trouser can easily get dirty.

Now, my pleasure to unveil the the Global Suit trend for today: THE ANKLE-BARING.

Image result for Ankle - baring men               Image result for Ankle - baring men

Image result for Ankle - baring                       Image result for Ankle - baring men

Image result for Ankle - baringImage result for Ankle - baring men




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Hope this was helpful.Do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.Also, would love to know what you think of this trend being an office/formal look or not in the comments section too.