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Well, today on Edutainment i have prepared a list of some of the items which as a gentleman you can take advantage of as far as the dapper look and your grooming needs are concerned.Also, I have attached the names for them so that the next time you shop, you are not mincing your words when asking for them in the shop. Shall we begin?

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  1. Lapel Pins Lapel pin got its name from the folded part of a suit blazer which is known as a Lapel. They are of different types including the Flower Lapel, Metallic Lapel pin[See the pictures below]. You can purchase such via this link have the pleasure to access the 30% discount for this week as they celebrate their Happy Birthday. www.mrlapelkenya.com Image result for metallic lapel.                                     [Flower Lapel ]Image result for flower lapel pins
  2. Ties .To start us of today is  Polyester TieImage result for polyester ties,              Cotton TieImage result for cotton tie                                                                                                                                     Woolen TieImage result for woolen tie and        Silk TieImage result for silk tie. Well, as you will note, their names are derived from the fabric used to make the tie. Here are some you might also consider; The Floral Tie,Bow tie and Cravat.                                              Floral TieImage result for Floral tie     Cravat Image result for cravat tie        Bow Tie Image result for bow tie
  3. Bags– A number of bags have been designed for the gentleman and without any doubt, these bags will meet your needs gentlemen.For example, if you are planning to start gyming or are already gyming, here’s one that you should get for yourself,(Duffle Bag/Holdall). It’s ability to hold everything you will need in the gym is its uniqueness and ultimate sophistication  Image result for duffle bag  if you are heading to the office in a official wear, you most definitely don’t want to make the suit look bad by carrying a back-pack or cross-body bag. Well, a Folio bag will absolutely come in handy.Image result for Folio Bag Image. Thinking of going smart casual? The Tote BagImage result for tote bag for men



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I am preparing a simple but quite a resourceful Checklist that will most especially aid you in the 5 tips I shared on Grooming and Time…hmmm!. It will be special because I’ll freely allow you to download. #Stay Tuned for the link.