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Today on #MCM MEETS #WHERETOSHOP is another MCM Star by the name Mr. Arthur.His feature on MCM earned him the title MCM Star on Suitup55.wordpress.com for excellent grooming.You can revisit his feature here.Well, Let’s get started on his interview. Remember to leave your thoughts on this interview in the comments section below.Thanks In advance.



Who is Mr. Arthur?

Arthur is a young man who believes in the potential of his fellow youth. I believe that if they can gain access to the right information they can achieve their dreams.

What’s your styling idea/preference??

Styling doesn’t have to be expensive. Your styling comes from your character and personality, who you want to be and who you perceive yourself as. When you discover what your character is and who you are you’ll always find something that blends with you at an affordable price. Something else, Styling is always about working out different preferences, colors and designs to bring out the uniqueness in who you are. {Me: Where do you get these ideas from?? ] ..The internet and Friends. There’s a lot of information you can get from the internet. You’ll find a lot of designers right there and stylist too. You can take it from there and make some slight modifications for yourself. That way you’ll achieve something unique and wonderful for yourself.MARTIN LE MUREITHI(1)

What’s your inspiration??

I believe in Excellence and its something that I can’t compromise. I am different and I have a line that I want to pursue as Arthur. I Have a personal drive to maintain that self – image. Inward inspiration is what drives me. Apart from that, My Pastor at Believer’s Loveworld Campus Ministry Kenya, Pastor Theophilus is also my inspiration. He corrects my dressing when its not okay and that has greatly helped my excellent grooming.

Where do you Shop??

I have no particular place where I shop. Anywhere I meet a particular item I love, I will get it or be inclined to get it for myself. Equally, I get some from Ngara[No one believes I get them from there] while others at Gikomba. Gikomba is unique. The price equally favours those that find fashion expensive.What I do, there are this places where you get very unique clothes e.g. blazers,shirts and trousers that will ensure you stand out at a very fair price. You combine the colors and you end up looking very stylish. Many of the times people have thought that I get my clothes from Woolworths and the like but Naah!

Comment on your feature?

That was amazing and I thank you for featuring me. I appreciate it. If you could do that everyday, then why not [ Laughs ]. [Me: Is there something that you had styled which you would have perhaps removed or added? [Arthur: Well…hmmm?..Not really.]

Your thoughts on the blog??

The Blog is amazing and it’s also growing. It’s a Good avenue for equally adventurous young fashionistas who want to venture into the same platform. It’s something that can give them a very good guideline. The blog also gives people an avenue to learn and understand how to stand out among people and the world through fashion.thank you 1

It’s been an amazing Month of August and i thank you for your time this Month.Its always a great pleasure to host you here. Let’s do this again in the New Month. Stay Tuned for the Monthly Blog review…

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