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[Today on Edutainment : I’ve shared 5 simple grooming tips which will greatly help with GROOMING AND TIME. Also, a giveaway announcement at the end of the post.Enjoy!]

Is grooming delaying most of your other businesses? Sometimes grooming excellently/Stylish can get too sentimental that you abuse time or too nerve-racking depending on the matter at hand. And when that happens you almost want to whip yourself for missing on time because you had already planned to be early but grooming just got in the way. Sounds familiar right?? Well,

[Today on Edutainment : I’ve shared 5 simple grooming tips which will greatly help with this. Also, a giveaway announcement at the end of the post.Enjoy!]DSC_6161

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  1. Plan the night before

Planning the night before includes 1Visualizing,2  Allowing your spirit,heart,mind and soul imbibe the vision/pictures/idea of how your going to groom before finally, 3making the decision.Well, here’s how you can do it – Take advantage of Technology. The Internet is flooded with amazing stuff and when it comes to grooming or deciding on what to wear, the internet is very helpful. Think of the many style blogs dedicated to men’s fashion,  if you have a favorite Fashion Style blogger it’s the time to visit their site or visit their Instagram.Apart from that, Instagram is a space used by many  Fashion houses to advertise men’s clothing and they use pictures, great pictures for that matter. Spending some time there helps you visualize how you can style. In brief, it gives you a lot of ideas.You may not have most if not all perhaps even none of those items you see there but it does help you get creative with what you have. Remember, You don’t have to replicate every detail in their look to the extent you are a second version of them though this is not wrong but try as much as possible to create your own look.Some of my Favorite on InstagramGentlemen’s Lounge , Menister of Style among others, Male Personal Style Bloggers in Kenya – Kenyanstylista.com, TheDapperBrother or Stylishnick.com , PInterest – Masculine Fashion On Facebook – @Nick Nimrod DSC_6114

2.Organize/Assemble the items before you sleep –

After visualizing on what you’re going to wear, by this time you’ve most probably already decided on what your going to wear and if not, at least you have an idea on what style you want to pull off with what is in your closet. Then, now you can take the step and begin assembling them to one place. This is such an important step as it helps you know/find out where everything is especially if someone does your laundry for you. It’s a step that you don’t want to do in the morning because you will spend a lot of time and forget a number of things because you’re trying to do everything at the same time.DSC_6123(1)

3.Seek assistance on certain thingse.g. brushing shoes,ironing the trouser/shirt etc.

After assembling all you need to pull out your look, you may need assistance on a number of things just to save on time considering that you need to rest for an early morning rise. It could be lacing up your shoes or brushing them perhaps even locating them in the house etc. Whatever it is that you need assistance with, kindly get assistance gentlemen. Put the ego down and just do it.DSC_6117

4.Wake up early

Very crucial step and important in all ways. Perhaps you may need to collect something from your library, or it’s your turn to prepare the baby for school or have to re-do the shoe brushing because whomever it is you sought assistance from didn’t do it to your standards/expectation and what not …… in brief,a number of things could come up and waking up early would really save you a ton. Waking up early is basically at least an hour before your departure time.

5.Leave Early

A note that I came across Richard Branson’s timeline on twitter comes to mind,if i may paraphrase ‘Your time is not too important than somebody else’s time therefore always be on time’. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd also said, ‘it’s better to be one hour early than to be one minute late’. Therefore, practice being early by planning to leave early considering the destination and how much time it may take you to get there.DSC_6120(1)

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6.Thank Me Later!



I am preparing a simple but quite a resourceful Checklist that will most especially aid you in these 5 tips I have shared. It will be special because I’ll freely allow you to download. #Stay Tuned for the link.


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