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This Week i have greatly dwelt on the tie and today I’ll highlight a trend which you should quickly be adopting for the ‘tie’ again.

It’s very simple and perhaps one that can easily be ignored but something about it is that it cannot go unnoticed. This trend is simply the epitome of men’s tie fashion.  What’s amazing with it is that it can be applied to any tie in the world and boy!! will still make the look sublime. Well, of course am not naïve to the fact that it really comes out better on a tie made of silk, cotton or wool but it doesn’t mean you cannot adopt the trend for the tie you have as you wait to get any or all of them for yourself[if you don’t have any]. The trend is simply, THE DIMPLE.

You must have seen it on this week’s edutainment titled 4 most simple and easy tie knots.

Just what makes it a trend? Firstly,

1. Its SimplicityIts simplicity is what makes it attractive to the eye i guess cause it screams dapper, excellence,uniqueness all in one.

2.Compatibility – It’s compatible with any tie other than polyester ties and its only because polyester cannot hold the dimple for a long time.But that will be a thing of the past once the dimple clips flood the market.Image result for tie with dimple

and Lastly,

3. VersatilityIt camouflages in the office making the look formal whilst still fashionable and smart casual for the casual setting whilst still fashionable.Image result for tie with dimple

Hope this was so helpful.

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