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Today on Edutainment:Get to learn how to tie (4) Most Simple and Easy to remember Tie Knots. Also, Find out which of these Four is the Most Popular.


                                                                     Focus Africa Photography

Putting on a tie shouldn’t be so monotonous or frustrating anymore after reading this and watching the videos attached.A tie is such an important accessory or suit element that can really work wonders on your look. Just to mention, there are so many types of ties with different kind of patterns which as a gentleman you can take advantage of for your dapper look. And what’s amazing is that, they are so many that you can use them for as varied times as the occasions you attend. The only undoing is when you are only familiar with tieing the tie in one way only. Well, of course it’s not a criminal offense and the so called ‘Fashion Police’ cannot apprehend you for only knowing one type of tie knot but again, knowing how to tie your tie in a number of ways gives you options and helps you have a varied look for different occasions among many other benefits. Today on Edutainment I have chosen four out of the more than 10 tie knots.These Four are firstly so simple to tie, secondly, so easy to grasp for yourself and lastly, so versatile. Am yet to do my own videos on them therefore kindly bear with me for now but soon i shall have my own(Let me hear an ‘Amen’). Meanwhile, here are people who I have selected that are so good in ensuring one grasp them.

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  1. Oriental Knot

  1. Four in hand Knot.

  1. Victoria Knot.

  1. Half – Windsor Knot.