Hello! Hello!

A Happy  New Month to you…

[Hope you had a most amazing Month of July like i did.]

Today on MCM is a gentleman that i thought was so simple yet elegant in his grooming. When i first saw him i could almost guess what his nationality might be if soap operas are anything to go by but oops! He’s Egyptian [thought his Mexican].He pulled it out so well that i had to think twice on not featuring such a great look today. Well, here’s what earned him the spot on MCM:

  1. Fitting shirt –  Considering that most masculine gentlemen tend to go baggy with shirts, i thought this was absolutely wonderful, new and unique for him to go for a fitting shirt. I love how he decided to fold the sleeves and unbutton the first two buttons of the shirt. It allowed the muscles to stand out.egypt 3
  2. Fitting JeansWow!! His fitting jeans blended so well with the fitting shirt and allowed more prominence to his face. I mean, the first thing that gets your attention is his face. [After the muscles of course LOL!]Egypt 1.jpeg
  3. Accessories – Spectacles, Black Belt,Bracelet. The glasses his wearing are medical but they came in handy in the look as accessories too. His black belt emphasized on the theme for the look being black and blue while his bracelet added some sophistication to his look.  Egyptian
  4. ShoesWell, his shoes are not so sophisticated like you’d expect but boy! weren’t they simple enough to be elegant? I absolutely love the simplicity of these shoes and how they contributed to the simplicity of the look.Egypt 2

Congratulations Your Excellency,

Mr. Ramy.