A number of misconceptions have had their fair share of success when it comes to Men’s Fashion and often than not, they have greatly affected most gentlemen’s view of fashion. It’s however slowly changing thanks to the male fashion bloggers and male fashion enthusiasts in this part of the world. Today on Edutainment I’ll greatly tackle a good number of them just so that I clear the airwaves. On the left is what they said(rumormongers) while on the right is the correction..!

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Hope you had a Most Wonderful day today. Welcome to Edutainment this week. Kindly Let me know what other Misconceptions you’ve heard and join me in clearing the airwaves in the comments section below.Thanks In Advance.]

1. Only Ladies are Interested in Fashion – It’s one of those misconceptions that I personally dislike because of how untrue it is. Its never said but its  often assumed to be true by many including some men. Apparently, many have believed it to the extent that they no longer are they interested in fashion. Perhaps it’s the reason why many gentlemen are the way they’re; uninterested with how they look. Well, Fashion is also for the gentlemen. Not just because I said so but because we also have the creative juices as those of our dear ladies and can put together a great look.

2. Men cannot identify colors/color clash – This is the most popular of all of them and boy! ain’t they wrong? Well, as a matter of fact, there are times we may miss it but don’t mistake that for a lack of understanding of colors because you might just be surprised. Ain’t that true gentlemen? Therefore the next time you go shopping with your man ladies, kindly allow them to do their thing (if you don’t of course. LOL!)DSC_6151

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3. A real man should have a bad odour Ever heard of this one? I mean, come on rumour mongers. There’s not anything gentleman enough with that. Not even you can stand yourself with a bad odour otherwise you would never have to visit the bath room before you go to work/begin your day. A real gentleman is one that is excellently groomed and whose odour is not only encouraging your participation but also commanding your attention. Gentlemen if this one describes you, kindly do the necessary. At least no one gets to know you do……LOL!!#Perfume #Brushyourteeth.

5. A real man ought to be shaggyThis is not as rampant as the rest are but any how, it also needs to be tackled. How erroneous this information often passed across in humour is. Listen, you don’t have to be shaggy to be referred to as a real man. Grooming Excellently is beyond having a lot of monies, its beyond being talented. I mean, its a Lifestyle. Let it be yours too.

6. Look Good when Heading to a Ceremony – Really? Why should you only look good when heading to a ceremony/office etc? To impress people? C’mon, Celebrate yourself everyday. One of the ways to do this is by Grooming Excellently everyday of your life. You are Worth being celebrated but it begins with you. Start Today(if you haven’t). 

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