Martin Le Mureithi earned a feature on blog for his excellent grooming a few months ago. This earned him the spot on #MCM meets #Wheretoshop and the title ‘MCM STAR’. Well, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words but I personally would love to be up close with the person so as to know them really well. At least so that i can satisfy my curiosity(Trash the old saying – curiosity killed the cat! Because it clearly didn’t kill the cat unless FBI can prove it. LOL!). Any way, Its my pleasure to at this juncture ask for your attention and invite your contributions/thoughts on this Feature. Thanks In advance.

Who is Martin Le Mureithi? Martin Le Mureithi is a born again Christian, filled with the Holy Ghost and an active member in the church(Believer’s Loveworld Campus Ministry Kenya Zone). I am also a cell leader.I graduated from Kenyatta University with a degree in bachelor of arts in psychology counselling. I am currently working in my own business by the name Hikanos Men’s Wear.Color theme

Where Do you Get your styling ideas/preferences – My styling ideas are all inspired by Suit Supply – a tailoring Company from Britain – I think they are the best when it comes to Men’s Fashion. I take most of the ideas from them and personalize for myself. Styling preferences? I prefer official wear only.In fact I don’t own any jeans in my closet.

Where do you get your Inspiration from? My inspiration is from David son Frere. He is one designer I always look up to and would be glad to meet.Image result for Davidson frere

Where do you Shop? Most of the clothes i make them myself therefore I don’t have a particular shop where I shop. I however do some shopping online like for accessories such as at Ali Express. 

Comment on your feature? Well, If I knew I was going to be there –on I would put on a brown shoe Instead of the black ones. Because it would have really stood out compared to the black one. Something else, You didn’t feature my perfume [giggles] yet I had it on *laughs* but in another MCM feature, it was featured…[apologies Your Excellency].

Your thoughts on the Blog? For me its very Informative especially with the trend  and all that. The MCM feature is also something different and inspirational. It makes one always look their best. It was also exciting for me to be featured on MCM even though I don’t like publicity so much.[giggles].



#MCM meets #Wheretoshop!