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Firstly, pardon me for missing three of this week’s posts according as outlined by EXPECT THESE blog post. I have to admit that i am learning how to manage both the blog and my studies which i am absolutely enjoying. i mean, i love such challenges. They make me stretch myself. Anyway, today,  its  all about the trends in the world and like the blog post title states, what’s trending in men’s world of fashion is THE LINEN SCARF.

Have you seen it before? Yes?! No?! Well, here is how it looks like:

Rings a bell now right?

This scarf like its name, is made of linen fabric and boy! doesn’t it make you stand out in the office. Its a great piece both for warmth in chilly seasons(of course not comparable to other fabrics when it comes to warmth) and the fashionable look at the same time. Here’s what could be making it trendy:

  1. Deep,lustrous colorThe color of any material cannot be over emphasized when it comes to fashion. When i talk of color i mean any color not necessarily the standard colors. Lustrous color makes your look original, unique,bold and elegant any time. and this linen scarf does just that.Image result for linen men office scarf image
  2. Flexibility and  ComfortLike you can see in the picture, its that flexible. Its flexibility is not such that its challenging to control like it is with silk(very flexible) and neither is it as challenging to control as polyester which is resistant to stretching. Its just in the middle, kinda like a blend of the two. Making it comfortable and very easy to fold all manner of styles that you can think of. However, it easily gets creases.Image result for men office scarf image
  3. VersatilityThis is probably the most important of all. With this scarf, you can accessorize it differently. You can either use it as a scarf or a pocket square any time. Great, right? Its flexibility again helps you fold it into a pocket square and unfold it to make it a scarf(have to iron it though)

Am yet to find a store in town that sells them but in case you have kindly help me help somebody get them for themselves by commenting with the name of the store,location and price. Thanks in Advance.


Thank you for reading.