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Today on Suitup55.wordpress.com trends segment, its all about the Knitted neck-tie. Well, there are a number of neck-ties made with mostly polyester material. They are very common and  i bet you’ve met them in so many official wear stores in town and also seen them with most gentlemen. They are wonderful ties and are definitely great accessories anytime but this particular tie is not to be compared with any of them. Talk of the material used, its deep natural and bright color that looks as though it was first of all immersed into a bucket of permanent coloring liquid for a good number of hours before it got to the stores  and lastly,its flexibility. I’d like to know what your thoughts/experiences with this tie are? Kindly Let me know in the comments section below. Thank you in advance.Image result for knit tie





Image result for knit tie

Material Used.

I absolutely love the material used to make this tie. In case your wondering what material has made this tie, WOOL IS THE MATERIAL. Wool simply can’t be rivaled by any other material when it comes to attractiveness and quality . Image result for wool made ladies clothesI mean, its so evident in the things it’s been used to make which have for sure become trendy all over the world. It’s been used to make among many other trendy clothes, Men’s Shirts, Blazers,Ladies dresses and skirts. If you have clothes made with this material or seen them with friends or even in social media, you’ll attest to the truth that you love them.

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Deep Color.

Have you noticed? Clothes made with wool have this natural deep and bright breathtaking color that keeps you thirsting to stare at it. And if you thought its one of those ties you wear for countable number of days/years or even wash a few times and immediately fades away,NOT THIS ONE! I mean, it’s  that good.    

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I don’t know your experience with all the other ties but don’t you find them a bit too rigid like i do? As in, in terms of tieing the knots. At least for me they are which affects my comfort. This tie is however designed with these two concerns in mind, flexibility and comfort. Making your experience with the tie amazing. You can even go to sleep with it and not notice until morning (LOL!!)

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What do i say…

Well, the next time you think of shopping an accessory, Get this one for yourself… Its a great investment though!(if you know what i mean) but its definitely  worth it.

Where to Shop them..

I Saw them at the Italian Men’s Wear Store along Kimathi Street near Sarova Stanley Hotel and some other stores selling official wear around there(They are quite a good number). This one stood out for me though because of their variety and quality ties among other clothes.

Thank you and Looking Forward to your thoughts on this feature.