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Happy Happy New Month
This is apparently the first blog post this new month on Suitup55.wordpress.com after I missed to post on MCM yesterday the 1st of May which I sincerely apologize for. Kindly pardon me for that. The guy i was to feature failed to send me his pics.However, on today’s Edutainment segment I thought I should prepare you for the Blog Awards happening this Saturday the 7th of May at Radisson Blu, Nairobi, Kenya. If you are reading this and you are wondering how the blog awards relate to you, perhaps because it may not concern you in any way, you know what, this post is not just for the BAKE Blog awards that only happen once a year. The information here is will go along way to help for such and similar events you are about to attend and for that, kindly let’s go through it and afterwards, kindly let me know what you think at the comments section below. Thank you in advance.Kenya Blog Awards… – Holiday in Africa
To begin with, for such events Don’t pile unnecesssary pressure on yourself. Whether by spending a lot of cash to buy the latest suit/ clothes(Unless you sincerely have to) or by thinking hard on what to combine for that dapper look. This is because buying the latest clothes is not always an assurance of that look you want, you may look dapper with just what you have in your closet. Posted on June 14, 2014 by awolsurfer
Secondly, be Unique. This is the greatest undoing committed by many. All of a sudden flashes of pictures come to mind on what they saw on television or with a certain dapper friend and immediately, they copy paste the look. Well, Ever heard of imitation is limitation, well that’s exactly what happens when you exactly do what someone else did, you limit yourself while there are alternatives of the same dressing but with slight changes or your own look that is uniquely you. Such events speak volumes about your uniqueness.
Thirdly, go for pop and color. With all the flashing lights from the cameras, the red carpet and the well done decoration. The standard has just been set for every attendee and invited guests for the to follow. This pop and color doesn’t have to be rainbow like but with moderation. You can do this by defining your theme colors. For example, if its black with red, let it be seen from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. Just be creative with all the suit elements.Dark Blue Suit | Kocev Fashion
Lastly, Confidence. After grooming for the event, the last thing is to be confident in what you’ve done. This makes your look special and desirable by many. Also, kindly don’t compare yourself with what you see with other gentlemen in the event to the extent you are no longer confident in what you have done. Chin up, chest out and walk boldly. Even when no one complements what you’ve done don’t feel intimidated. In fact, complement others on their great look. It shows that you are confident in you own.