On today’s feature of Global suit trends, Suitup55.wordpress.com looks to enlighten you on the current suit trends not only in Kenya but also in the world. I let you know what to get in the store for an update on your look and also show you how to  groom it for the office and off the office setting(Not today though). The feature is weekly every Thursday at 8am(EAT) though am late today kindly pardon me for the lateness today. However, let’s go on to see our current suit trend in the world today.

Lapel Pin

The Lapel pin is  basically  a pin with some sort of flowers on its head with a metallic-  tail which is relatively long( as you can see in the picture). With the advent of fashion it has greatly been received by all men key on making their look trendy. Depending on your preferences, the lapel pins comes in different colors and shades for you to choose from.Its a great piece to add color to your look.

(Fashion Lapel Pin)

(Boutonnière)delphinium boutonniere us $ 22 95 rose and foliage boutonniere

Well, what’s its history??

The Lapel pin is an evolution or should i say an invention or innovation of what was then  Boutonnière which is a French word for buttonhole. Boutonnière is basically a floral decoration which was and still is being used for many at times weddings or in brief, unofficial gatherings. Before this  innovation, the buttonhole was greatly used by those who were considered the high class(for lack of a better word) of the 90’s and 80’s because at least  they could afford a suit for themselves. Fast forward to today, they are considered fashion/trendy symbols of decoration at least second to Lapel Pins.

My Advice..

Listen up…

Get it for yourself.This is one deco that will definitely glamorize your look.it will definitely make a statement for you and most of all, it will make you look trendy! cause its the current trend right now.

Well,by now i know you may be asking, ‘How Much is it?? where do i get it??’. The price of a lapel pin is worth your investment first of all, you cannot compare what it does to your look with its price. They could go as high as Kshs.1500($15) and of course retailers will resell it at prices higher for the sake of keeping their businesses afloat. This is because of material used. They however are very affordable in that, they rarely cross the Kshs. 2000+ price($20.00). You can get them online at very affordable prices on-sites such as Ebay.com. For as low as Ksh. 200($2.00) with free shipping, you can have your lapel pin.

(Am however willing to breach that gap for you i would therefore kindly appreciate if you can let me know whether you really need one by typing ….’I’ in the comments below).

Thank you for reading.