All men always want to look their best all the time and as a matter of fact I congratulate every gentleman for the efforts. But you know what, its time to hit it right. The reason most ladies are always looking stunning, whether morning, noon time or evening, is because they always have ideas or alternatives for any circumstance meaning they don’t allow room for excuses.(Ask your mum, she’ll tell you this). Well, it doesn’t hurt to borrow a leaf from the ladies gentlemen( Egos down! *smiles*). Look Your Best clipart, cliparts of Look Your Best free download (wmf ...
Starting with your head, the likelihood for your hair to be unkempt after combing it in the morning is very much high. Think of when you lean your head in the matatu or bus’s seat while travelling or when scratching your head through the day. Well, for that have a remedy for such instances how?? Get yourself a small sized comb from the shops in the town (they are less than fifty Kenyan shillings if you are reading this from Kenya. )and practice carrying it in your pocket (preferably your back pocket). It may be challenging at first but remember the adage practice makes perfect?? Well, keep at it because sooner than later, it will be as common as breakfast in the morning or supper in the evening.... days, like I can style my hair in the morning by noon it will drop
Your Breathe. Wow! This cannot be over-emphasized gentlemen. Your breathe is very important and sure communicates volumes about you. It also determines the length of the conversations your engage in. Apart from that, it distracts or disrupts the attention of those you have conversations with. Save yourself the shame from today onwards if you haven’t been doing it. Get a Juicy fruit or one of those chewing gums that are specifically made for your breathe. Yes! even after brushing in the morning for the sake of encouraging and wonderful breathe. You’ll definitely realize the difference and enjoy the freedom of expressing yourself any time.

Your Nails. At this point in time, kindly check your nails right now. How are they?? Am not sure you are satisfied with them as they are but you know what, always keep your nails as neat and clean as possible. And if you prefer them long, kindly ensure that they are always clean and at least shape them up otherwise there’s nothing wrong with long nails apart from that they can be a huge distraction for your work for example, writing a report and you notice your nails are not shaped up or there’s some dirt. The next thing? You know what….

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Your Ears. Hahaha!! This is one part of the body which is easily ignored because who is concerned with my ears anyway?? Well, just for your information, the wax that accumulates can easily be seen by so many people and you know what, its not encouraging especially considering that you’ve rocked an excellent suit and did a lot of justice to the outside. It can easily make one lose that respect for you easily. What to do?? Get yourself ear buds and carry them with you. Five are enough for the day. But a handkerchief can serve the purpose as well. Either way, get the wax cleaned each time it accumulates.

Ear Cleaning

Hope the tips were of great help.  Kindly let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.