Happy New Week!

Well, this is apparently the last Man Crush Monday expose of this month and what a wonderful segment this has been. On today’s feature is a man whose look will impress at first glance. I particularly chose him because of how he managed to impress and still maintain an official look in it. It got me thinking that one can actually have this look in the office and off the office parameters. Let’s quickly look at what earned him the spot on Suitup55.wordpress.com.MARTIN

  1. Color Theme –  He defined his theme and did it a lot of justice. Yes! Blue with stripes it was. The Neck-tie,pocket -square and socks all clearly spoke volumes of this theme. I absolutely loved how he brought the theme to the socks.Color theme
    1. Slim-Fit Suit –  Wow! Don’t you love the fittings of this suit to his body ?? I mean, its as though it was specifically made for him alone. Like i said in the blog post JUST YOUR SIZE, a Suit will always make you stand out, just ensure that its your size. Slim fit 1
  2. Accessories –  Well, i love the way he accessorized; Cufflinks and a pocket – square only. It got me thinking that indeed you can impress and still maintain the official look in the office. It’s a great way to accessorize if you have plans after the office hours too.ACCESSORIES.png1


Mr. Martin