When buying a suit, apart from the elegance and the fittings of it, what’s also important to find out is the fabric that has been used to make the suit. Different fabrics make the suits you meet in the stores. The question is, How many fabrics do you know?? There are a number of fabrics that designers use to make suits. There is polyester,cotton, wool, linen and microfibers. However today, I’ll be sharing with you about polyester. Its benefits, shortcomings and why you should have it in your closet.
Polyester as the name suggests is made from synthetic fibers( polymers). Polyester is however mixed with other fabrics just to take care of one of its shortcomings which is that of wrinkling.It also retains a lot of heat making it very uncomfortable for you to wear in the scorching sun especially ‘siesta’ time of the day. Apart from that, it is heavier than naturally occurring material for example wool.
Polyester suits are however very affordable in the market compared to other suits made of fabrics such as wool or cotton. They also have a glossy shine that will definitely make you stand out amongst people. They also score highly on durability than woolen suits which are considered the best.

My recommendation

If you are looking for a suit that you don’t have to spend a lot of cash on and whose durability you can count on, then polyester suits are the best. However, wear it occassionally during special moments because of the forming creases and to take care of it so that it can last for as long as you want.
Here’s a sample of how polyester suits look  like;  

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