Well, today’s Man Crush is a classic example of what i shared in the blog post TRY THIS . Yes! he nailed it really well. He had no tie at all communicating that ‘It’s not all that too Formal folks’ but all the same if you met him on the road, boy! you would not be guilty of staring because the look is all too eye catching. Let’s look at what earned him this spot on Suitup55.wordpress.com. ARTHUR

  1. Color theme –  It was more than clear that his theme color was black and he did the theme a lot of justice. Black Shirt, Black Belt and a Black Shoe. His shoe was very appropriate for the weather because it had rained and therefore would act like a ‘gumboot’ of some sort to take care of the mad on the road since he was walking.arthur 2
  2. Slim Fit Blazer and Trouser His slim fit blazer is very neat(typical of slim fit blazers)  and he added a blueish shade to his look with it. Excellent choice of color right there. His bright trouser ensured that your attention was on his upper body since it made the upper shades of black and blue stand out.
  3. AccessoriesThis Gentleman had no necklace but the watch, pocket square and wrist band did it for him. The Red pocket square absolutely brightened his blend of black with Blueish blazer colors. His Watch in this look was also an accessory. It sure did complement his belt.Arthur1
  4. Perfume Of course you cannot see this element on picture but he carried along with him a wonderful fragrance that crowned his look.


Congratulations your Excellency Mr. Arthur.