An Excellently groomed gentleman, looking all sharp on a slim fit suit, a bright white shirt tied up really well and excellently accessorized look definitely distinguishes himself from the onset and catches the eye of everyone that glances on him but the look alone may not do him any good if he uses his fingers to clear mucus from the nose wouldn’t??cropped-isdqm3kxzv1w_ulxt0q1dlzeqekxqw8v-rpezfiqg4jty43jx0ee1igfatcmrffd0_8l18vueghwcudqb2y9qndhvgwtmvqwj_ortuvxrrd8lpokfp8y1yiry0m91yhwqgi4vwt-lpio5eq2dgs0-d-e1-ft.jpg

Well, here is the catch folks. Etiquette and Excellent grooming is like milk from a cow or eggs from chicken. They complement each other because none is independent of the other.
Therefore as you excellently groom that slim fit suit remember to take your handkerchief with you not because you have a running nose only but because at times you may not necessarily have a running nose but you may need to peck your nose(yes, pecking). A handkerchief will be of so much help. It will avoid that nose bleeding which occurs most of the time when you peck your nose using your fingers.

For the sake of your shoes, also carry an extra handkerchief to wipe the dirt off your shoe while in the office. This is especially important when attending to a customer if you are a salesperson, when addressing a crowd, when you will be appearing before a job interview panel, when appearing in an official gathering or event and your look is your item for trade, when appearing before your boss etc.
N/B: Handkerchiefs are however not the best for wiping sweat because they don’t wipe all the sweat out as they leave some of it on your face. Wet Wipes are the best for the work though.