z1For an excellent look, knowing your size cannot be over-emphasized. It’s a fundamental practice that you should quickly pick up if you haven’t yet done so. From the suit size,shirt and tie to the shoe size. Knowing it for yourself ensures that your wardrobe and shoe rack is packed up with everything that perfectly fits you. However, today I’ll major on the suit and shirt.
You can find out your sizes by either buying a tape measure or visiting a tailor and asking them to measure you. Going to the tailor is however better especially if you are not conversant with the measurements. This because they will not only note it down for you but will also explain to you really well all about measurements. Visiting once is not enough though because your size might change for one reason or the other. It could either increase or decrease. Therefore, visit as often for example weekly or monthly or just buy a tape measure and since you now could be aware of how your tailor explained it to you, you can do it yourself.
This in effect will assist you in so many ways. For example, you will no longer have to try it yourself in the suiting/clothing store before purchasing it, you will also have an easy time selecting from your choices, it will also help you purchase online too now that most clothing stores are selling online and finally, it allows you to exploit the option of sending somebody to purchase it for you.
N/B: Clothes will always look best on you, JUST KNOW YOUR SIZE.