Have you ever wondered what you’re going to groom after showering??What about which colors to combine for that excellent look??Is it a practicable idea with an understanding behind it anyway??

Do these questions sound familiar to you??Well, at least they did for me. I once wondered at these questions and the result is that I would just guess(meaning not having a framework for my grooming) and ouououou!! The moment I would stand before the mirror to have a glimpse on how I looked I more than liked it, I loved and enjoyed it but the issue was that I needed to understand and stop the guess-work and wow!! I thank God he revealed it to me– HAVE A THEME.

What do I mean have a theme?? By theme, I don’t mean have one color from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet and neither do I mean that you should Google colors that combine together really well and go looking for them shop to shop.

What I mean is that ensure as you groom you have an idea of the color you want to be dominant among the colors you’ve groomed and kindly avoid too many colors when it comes to suiting up because it can lead to color clashing. Have at least two or three colors on. The dominant color is like a highlighting color on a piece of written work, it distinguishes which particular section to look at or give attention to. Having a theme is almost the same thing, it captures the eye of anyone that looks at you. Actually, you grab their attention very fast.


Having a theme :

  1. Shows that you are well vast of grooming tips.
  2. portrays a lot of organization in your grooming.

Here is an example of what am talking about:


The Man in this picture picked white as his theme color with a touch of some grey and blue. its easy for me to guess what shoe color he will likely put on; Either black or grey shoe because he has a theme.

Point to Note: Most of your grooming is dictated by the kind of clothes in your closet therefore utilize them, all you have is all you need and when you create a theme for your grooming, color combination becomes so easy, free of clashing colors. Actually, a walk in the park. Try it yourself.

That’s it for your grooming tip.

#Stay Tuned.