Suits are the most common mode of grooming for any official ceremony or meeting. They are highly used and recommended for any official setting.For Instance, In the Work places,Churches,institutions e.g. schools,banks etc and also in events such as weddings,Dinner ceremonies and valentines. 

This confirms their importance and relevance to you as a man but surprisingly, not all men are aware of how to suit up excellently and when i talk of excellence i mean the simple,easy and important elements of a suit. The elements of and about a suit that cannot just be ignored. Remember, every time you suit up, you are communicating and of course you don’t want to be misunderstood right??

  Well,Make up your mind to always suit up excellently. Excellence is a virtue also portrayed in how you groom yourself. They say, dress the way you want to be addressed but i love saying it this way, Groom the way you want to be understood. And this is why suitup55blog is here:


1. To applause men that are suited up Excellently.

2. To Educate and offer advice on anything about suits.

3. To Inspire you to start wearing suits and if you do, to inspire you to keep up with the trends.

4. To Inform you on the latest suit trends in the world.

5. To inform you on where to get quality and affordable suits.

Look your best all the time, everyday, because you deserve it.

Stay Tuned for this and more right here on suit55blog