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The Skin as science discovered is the largest organ of the body but until now very little attention is given to it especially on the gentlemen side. The attention am talking about is not the one that is commercialized for profits but the sincere ones which will greatly help your skin. Well, if you follow my blog you must know that I attended the Hair,Beauty and Personal Care Expo 2016 held at the Sarit Centre sometime in August. I also participated in marketing the expo under the hashtag #HairandBeautyExpoKE . They had amazing segments with panelists that were well vast of the topics discussed. Just so that I don’t leave you in the shadows on this, some of the topics included, Understanding Your Skin, All about Nails, Style with Natural Hair and some more.

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Today on Global Suit Trends: Find out this week’s trend feature. Also, the tips behind hitting it right.Plus, my quest to know your thoughts on whether it’s fit for the office or not.
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Well, today on Edutainment i have prepared a list of some of the items which as a gentleman you can take advantage of as far as the dapper look and your grooming needs are concerned.Also, I have attached the names for them so that the next time you shop, you are not mincing your words when asking for them in the shop. Shall we begin?
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Today on #MCM MEETS #WHERETOSHOP is another MCM Star by the name Mr. Arthur.His feature on MCM earned him the title MCM Star on for excellent grooming.You can revisit his feature here.Well, Let’s get started on his interview. Remember to leave your thoughts on this interview in the comments section below.Thanks In advance. Continue reading


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Today on MCM is a gentleman that i thought was so simple yet elegant in his grooming. When i first saw him i could almost guess what his nationality might be if soap operas are anything to go by but oops! He’s Egyptian [thought his Mexican].He pulled it out so well that i had to think twice on not featuring such a great look today. Well, here’s what earned him the spot on MCM: Continue reading


A number of misconceptions have had their fair share of success when it comes to Men’s Fashion and often than not, they have greatly affected most gentlemen’s view of fashion. It’s however slowly changing thanks to the male fashion bloggers and male fashion enthusiasts in this part of the world. Today on Edutainment I’ll greatly tackle a good number of them just so that I clear the airwaves. On the left is what they said(rumormongers) while on the right is the correction..! Continue reading

Where To Shop.

Martin Le Mureithi earned a feature on blog for his excellent grooming a few months ago. This earned him the spot on #MCM meets #Wheretoshop and the title ‘MCM STAR’. Well, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words but I personally would love to be up close with the person so as to know them really well. At least so that i can satisfy my curiosity(Trash the old saying – curiosity killed the cat! Because it clearly didn’t kill the cat unless FBI can prove it. LOL!). Any way, Its my pleasure to at this juncture ask for your attention and invite your contributions/thoughts on this Feature. Thanks In advance. Continue reading